Owned by Our Loving Akitas

Our names are Jim & Betty Erter - we are owned by our loving Akitas. We met this neat breed back in 1997 with a 4 month old rescue boy, and fell in love with the breed. Kimba was neutered at six months of age and has his C.G.C. now. He probably thought he was going to become a professional student before his mom retired him from obedience school...LOL. He became our house/ babysitter/ Akita scout master boy. We have 3 girls also, starting with Blaze girl (Shots Eastern Star Blazn San) a wonderful puppy from Christe Patt, Shot in the Dark Akitas. We got her at 10 weeks. She introduced me to the world of Dog Showing and a lot of real nice Akita breeders out there. Blaze loved going to the shows and gave her all, but her height was against her. Our 2nd girl is Ember (Namika's Eastern Star-Ember), a super sweet puppy from Naomi Browning of Namika Akitas. She also loved going with me to shows, but my sweet & lovable girl got too tall to show.

Her breeder and I decided she would rather become a companion dog. She is spayed now and has had all of the testing done on her hips and all and everything else, for adoption to a good forever home. Our 3rd girl, Starburst (Eastern Star Total Eclipse), is the daughter of Blaze girl, from her breeding to Ch. Namika's Totally Shameless. We got the height and coat taken care of with this breeding - everything but the desire to go into the show ring. Goldilocks & the Three Bears, HUMMMM....LOL....The saying - Try, Try Again - 'til you get it right, helps.

Thank you to Lynn Morgan, Midnite Akitas, for our latest addition to our family. Our new baby boy's name is Quest (Midnite Quest of Eastern Star). We will be starting puppy kindergarten soon and after Puppy Matches, look for us in the ring. A big thank you goes out to each of my Puppy Breeder / Mentors for each of these sweet & wonderful Akitas who live with us now. 

Hope you enjoy the web site. But most of all, enjoy your Akitas for the wonderful friends they are.